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The backroom deals and partisan politics of Washington, D.C. continue to blur the lines of reality for our elected officials. Our communities, business owners, and families continue to feel the repercussions of both overreach and indecisiveness. We have a growing need for new representation in Washington, and there is no better time than now.

The counties of Merced, Madera, and Fresno deserve a representative who will listen to our issues, fight against harmful policies, and work to get the job done for the future of our great region. That is why I have decided to run for Congress.

As a native of Merced County and a veteran Military Officer, I know the challenges faced by both our communities and our country. I have spent my career serving this nation and the men and women who protect it. I have seen, firsthand, the threats our freedoms face and fought against some of the world’s worst criminals to defend it.

Now as a candidate for Congress, I look to take my knowledge, experience, and work ethic to Washington, and continue my fight against the ongoing threats to our safety, economy, and ability to care for our families.

While deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army tasked me with leading my soldiers in combat, managing an annual budget of over $1 million, and planning operations for over 4,000 soldiers. With lives on the line, failure was not an option. It is this unique experience that has given me the ability to provide our residents with a different kind of leader.

We cannot continue to support leaders who embody the status quo in Washington. I will listen to your concerns and I will find a way to adapt and overcome. Together we will create jobs, retain and attract regional business, and ensure the safety and success of our hard-working families.

Please feel free to contact me anytime – I answer to you.

Mel Levey

We need someone who is truly committed to our region, not the political game in Washington, D.C. Someone who will lead with a vision for the future of the Valley. That’s why I am supporting Mel Levey for Congress.
Jeremy SilvaCal Fire
The politics of Washington don’t work for the Valley. It’s time we had a real citizen representative who will help create jobs, attract and retain local business, and protect our water rights.
Nila BorbaOwner J&N Borba Dairy
There is no one that will work harder for our region than Mel Levey. He was raised locally, graduated from West Point, and is running to be our Congressman. Mel is just the leader we need to fix a broken system.
Ernie CarrilloOwner E&J Auto Repair
Captain Levey and I served together in Southern Afghanistan. No one works harder to solve the toughest problems. He is the kind of leader we need for the Valley.
SGT Rachel MaciasMerced, CA
I had the honor of serving with Captain Levey in Afghanistan, his courage, leadership, and attention to detail were second to none. He will always be a leader.
SGT Fallon BlandDiscovery Bay, CA
I had the pleasure of serving under Captain Levey during our time in Afghanistan. His focus on preparation, ability to make decisions under pressure, and intuition acted as a calming presence during our deployment. I know that he will challenge the status quo in Washington and create a clearer future for the Central Valley.
First Lieutenant Analisa KellingtonPorterville, CA
I had the opportunity to watch Mel’s initiative in the classroom at West Point and his leadership in training soldiers in the Army. I am not surprised to know that his desire to serve reaches beyond his time in military service. When Mel Levey is elected to the United States Congress, his supporters and the residents that he represents will be proud that they have elected a tested leader and a dedicated neighbor.
Lieutenant Colonel Steven Barrya former West Point instructor and superior officer in the 3rd Infantry Division

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